Memphis Hites de Copper Spur

That once in a lifetime dog that you dream of producing is 4X National Best of Breed, 3X Grand Champion of the Field, Grand Champion, TopperLyn Gallant Bodacious AKC Master Hunter (AKA “LEO.) He is a dog who will haunt me forever for deciding to sell him to my good friends Anne Johnson and Glen Gunderson. I believed they would be able to do things with him I probably could not – and they did. Leo never missed a Field Trial or National Specialty Show – I can’t tell you – for how many years.

Leo is retired from competition now – but is still producing litters. Suddenly it occurred to me – after all he has done – I never got a puppy from him. That opportunity came about the fall of 2016 when Jeff and Angie Hites advertised a litter from Leo and their lovely female GUN Diva Hites Mississippi. I was blessed to be afforded the opportunity to get one of those pups – MEMPHIS. Although he is still a puppy, I have great hopes for this guy. He is extremely intelligent, mentally solid, and has a willing sweet disposition. I can’t wait for spring to arrive when Memphis can show his stuff in the field. He is very correct in his conformation and is a beautiful representative of the breed.

TopperLyn Gallant Bodacious * NBOB GR CH TAN Beau de l’Hospitalier * Tr. Omer de la Vallee du Boel * CH Ian du Gohic * CH Faust de Keranlouan *
Dilost *
Iena de la Vallee du Boel * CH Foot de Saint Lubin *
Diane de la Fontaine Aux Saules *
CH Tramontane de l’Hospitalier * Dalou * CH Punch de Sous les Rosiers *
Aida *
CH Opium de l’Hospitalier * Zico Delle Budrie *
CH Mademoiselle de l’Hospitalier *
CH TopperLyn’s Sierra de L’Escarbot * Ral’Bol de La Saga Des Marais * CH Newton du Bosquet de la Mordoree * CH Indy de Saint Lubin *
Iseul du Bosquet de la Mordoree *
Lipsy des Sources Claires * Grenn de Sious les Viviers
Gloria de la Rue Fleurie *
Ondine du Calembour * CH Fanch de Saint Lubin * INT.CH. Vandyk de Keranlouan *
T.A.N. Baia de Saint Lubin *
Ibid du Calembour * Gawain de Calembour *
Juno du Calembour *
Diva Hites Mississippi * Hites Mississippi Bandit * Sigillito Florissant Toussaint *
Sigillito St. Louis Bonnie *
Bridget Hites Mississippi Star * Unon de Keranlouan *
Vinsea Delasavane Rouge Ondulante *