Smith’s Falken à TopperLyn WRT

Hawk has had few opportunities to prove himself competitively, but has shown outstanding capabilities over wild game since he was a mere 10 months old. Hawk has the most intelligent, willing disposition, who will do anything asked of him. He has a comical attitude about life and constantly makes me laugh. Feeling over-tired one night I realized my slippers were upstairs. On a chance I sent Hawk up the stairs to “fetch.” He had no idea WHAT I wanted but made his best guess at what was easily available – my slippers, which he brought me first one, then the other. The next time I sent him to bring me my slippers he used that wicked smart brain of his – and brought me BOTH slippers at the same time. Saved himself a trip.

Hawk sired his first litter in 2015 and before those pups turned a full year old – THEY were proving themselves in the field and water. Chico (TopperLyn Paris) knocked out full limits of Hungarian Partridge 3 days in a row the 2016 opening weekend – at 11 months of age.

Hunt Alan de l’Escarbot * Toy de Saint Lubin * Lasso de Sous les Viviers * CH TR Fench de Sous les Viviers * CH Alias des Pignettes *
CH Cilene de Sous lees Viviers *
Havane de Janville de la Quenouillere *
Mitzi de Saint Alamo * Jips de Saint Lubin *
Elfie de Villepion *
Tabia du Buisson de Choisel * Heol de Sous Les Viviers * Copain du Clos de Malou * Voyou des Sources Claires *
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Pitchoune du Boisson de Choisel * Jonat du Boisson de Choisel * Iros du Buisson de Choisel *
Doudoune du Boisson de Choisel *
Frodite du Buisson de Choisel *
Smith’s Cytise des Pigenettes * Reg des Pigenettes * CH TR Nixo de Saint Lubin * CH Foot de Saint Lubin * INT.CH. Vandyk de Keranlouan *
T.A.N. Baia de Saint Lubin *
T.A.N. Elfi de Saint Lubin * CH Varim des Sources Claires *
Bora de Saint Lubin *
Nano des Pigenettes * CH Indy de Saint Lubin * CH Cyrano du Clos des Erondes *
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Robine des Pigenettes * Tr. Omer de la Vallee du Boel * CH Ian du Gohic * CH Faust de Keranlouan *
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Iena de la Vallee du Boel * CH Foot de Saint Lubin *
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